Monday, 22 September 2014

SPA DAY week 2! Flaherty Naturals

Today I will be telling you about a shop called Flaherty Naturals, which is an Etsy shop full of handmade and organic beauty products based in the USA.

The shop is owned by a lovely lady called Deb and she started her online shop Flaherty Naturals because she wanted to help people with sensitive skin;

  'Flaherty Naturals was started in 2007 because so many of my mature nail clients were allergic or sensitive to commonly used salon products. My desire to offer them a relaxing and safe spa service became the “necessity is the mother of invention” concept I adopted, and so began my researching and learning about the blending of herbs, oils, and essential oils. With over 20 years of organic gardening, and canning, and jam making, and all the other "makings" a woman does for her family, I was ready to start making healing things for the skin as well.'

I love strawberries! These sound so yummy.

Deb also does wedding favors!

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