Friday, 18 April 2014

Showcase: Uniquely You Jewellery on Etsy

Hey all, today is showcase day and I am going to be talking about my very own Etsy shop, Uniquely You Jewellery

I thought I would talk about some of my processes and show you some of my most popular designs.

I love making my own jewellery, I specialise in wood, decoupage and glass. I create my very own glass cabochons using mixed media. Below is one of my methods.

 I take solid glass domes and I place them in blutak, this stops them from moving around! I then dust them with fine homemade glitter. Then I paint them with my own pigment formula, it has added pearl extract. The result is this gorgeous little gem.

Eventually they are turned into stud earrings. These are a very popular pair of earrings. I think this is because of the colour they give. They literally are stunning in the sunlight.
 Here are the end results. You can have your very own here: I want you!

Here is a new range I am working on. I have these gorgeous solid wood triangle beads and I love them! I drill the holes and hand paint each one again with my own pigment formula. All of my chains are sterling silver. 
You can get this necklace and more here: Buy me!

Now this is very popular on Etsy. It has even made it to the front page a couple of times. I have sold this bangle around the world. It is also a joy to make this bangle. As always, each one is unique, the colour is my own and each wood bangle will have it's own flaws and natural beauty. 
You can have your very own here: BUY ME

This is a new range sterling silver necklace, with large wood beads. I hand paint each one using my own pigments and highlight them with a gold stripe. I LOVE this necklace. I told myself, if this doesn't sell by a certain deadline, I am keeping this for myself. This necklace is on limited supply as I made it using left over pieces of wood from a previous project.  You can buy it below.

Now this is my most popular design so far. I have made and sold so many of these I have lost count. This peacock wooden bangle is more traveled than I am! I use the ancient technqiue of decoupage for this peacock bangle. So it is a little more complicated and time consuming to make. But the end result is always so wonderful. Who doesn't like peacocks? 

You can have your own made here: SHOW ME THE PEACOCK!

So that was a little insight into my handmade jewellery shop! 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Recipe Thursday. Chicken Pesto with Spaghetti.

As some of you may know, I really enjoy cooking. I make dinner for me and my lovely boyfriend each night, expect for Fridays and Saturdays!

I don't spend ages reading cookbooks and following recipes. I tend to chuck things together and hope for the best, and 98% of the time they work out really well and become firm favorites in my small family.

So I am going to let you know my Chicken Pesto with Spaghetti dish. This is very easy and only takes 30 minutes to cook.

(The beauty of this dish is you can just add more chicken breasts for more people!)

This serves two.

You will need:

  • Two defrosted/fresh skinless and boneless chicken breasts.
  • A good quality green pesto, either homemade or from a jar.
  • Spaghetti
  • Tomatoes, sliced. (Vine or Cherry will do)
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Parmesan Cheese to taste
  • Salt/Pepper to taste

  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees/400F/Gas mark 6
  • Drizzle a tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil into a medium deep size oven dish.
  • Place your chicken breasts into the oven dish.
  • Spoon on the pesto generously on top of each chicken breast.
  • Also spoon a few teaspoons of the pesto around the chicken in the Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Place one slice of tomato on each chicken breast and the rest around the chicken, in the pesto and Virgin Oil.
  • Place the dish into the preheated oven and cook for 25-30 minutes. If you like a dryer chicken then cook for 35-40 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti according to the packet instructions.
  • Once the chicken is cooked, carefully remove the chicken breasts from the dish and place to one side.
  • Using a spoon, give the Virgin Olive Oil, pesto and tomato mixture a good stir. Season to taste.
  • Pour this mixture in the already cooked and drained spaghetti and stir.
  • Place the spaghetti onto serving plates/dinner plates and put the chicken breast on top. 
  • Finally grate some Parmesan cheese on top.
Serve with a glass of white wine!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Today I am going to be showing you a snap shot of my new home Haarlem, in the Netherlands.

Haarlem is a small historical city, in North Holland approximately 15 minutes journey by train from Amsterdam.The first city walls in Haarlem were built in 1270 but the city has been around since the 10th century. Haarlem is known as the Tulip growing capital and is nicknamed 'Flower City.'

The Grote Kerk (The Great Church) In the center of Haarlem. It once was the biggest Church in all of Europe. Inside an impressive organ that dominates one wing has been played by many musicians, including Handel and Mozart. The Grote Kerk is in the main square of Haarlem, were markets are held, gatherings and fun fairs. There are few squares dotted around Haarlem.

Running on the southern - eastern - northern side of Haarlem is the River Spaarne. Many houses, shops and restaurants line the Spaarne. Off the Spaarne are canals that dominate the western side of Haarlem.

This is the Old Town Hall. There is currently a modern Town Hall were normal council activities take place. Here in the Old Town Hall, you can have Civil services, Marriages and gatherings. The Old Town Hall is opposite The Grote Kerk.

Throughout Haarlem are narrow cobbled streets lined with old houses and shops from different eras and of course lots of flowers!

Haarlem has been voted the 'Best Shopping Capital' in The Netherlands numerous times in a row. The main high street is extensive. You can get designer labels to fashionable boutiques. There are plenty of bars and restaurants for all tastes and cheese and wine bars. 

So far I am really enjoying living in Haarlem. It makes a change from a noisy, busy London. Here everything is much more relaxed. It's a lifestyle one can get used too very quickly.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Etsy Shop that I LOVE

Happy Tuesday all!

Today I want to share with you an Etsy shop that I love.

I recently moved home and country from the UK to the Netherlands. Now I love my new flat, but it is a little plain and I can't just paint the walls (rented) so I have been looking at artists on Etsy to brighten up the place. This is when I discovered this shop:

Dean Crouser is a very talented man from Oregon USA. He explains on his profile,

 'I am a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, born and raised in the Portland area. I grew up camping, fishing and hiking on the foothills of Mt Hood, Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon high lakes and these areas still provide major inspiration to my work today.'

You can tell his passion of wildlife, animals and being outside is in each brush stroke on his work. I have bought 4 paintings from him! I adore water colour, how fluid the paint is and how bright the works are. I also have a 'thing' for peacocks and hummingbirds, so seeing these paintings were a joy. So I bought them!

I am still waiting for them to arrive, hopefully they will turn up this week. I cannot wait to frame them and hang them on my wall!

I also bought a painting of a boxer dog, as my partner adores boxers and I thought it would make a great gift for him.

If you're looking for art work, do check out Etsy for some really talented artists!

Monday, 14 April 2014

DIY Monday

Hello my dusty blog. I haven't seen you in a while. I have been challenge to create a new blog post per day for this week. So for today I doing a DIY Monday blog post, featuring all my favourite DIY projects I have found on the internet!

First DIY Project:

Isn't this such a great idea! If you have loads of beer and wine bottles, instead of chucking them away, turn them into decorative vases! You could even use different yarns, paper or even paint!

DIY Project 2:

People who know me knows that I am slightly obsessed with fairy lights. I think this idea is amazing! I wouldn't use it as a chandelier though. I think this would look great laying on a wedding table, with flowers in the middle. All you need is some battery operated fairy lights! Now, got to find a hula hoop....

DIY Project 3:

Now I am hosting a small dinner party soon and think this is an amazing idea for dessert! I would do a smaller version with a mixture of dark and white chocolate. Smaller versions would fit in the fridge better too! How to do a smaller version? Well don't blow the balloon all the way up! 

DIY Project 4:

I love this idea too! My only concerns about this DIY project would be the stability of the shells, they could be a fire hazard. I would gently sand the bottom of the shells so there is a flat area that shells can balance on just for piece of mind. 

So that's it!! I am really thinking about doing that DIY bottle vase thing. I always have empty wine bottles after a weekend! 

Since I haven't used this blog in such a while, I should let you know that I moved country from the UK to the Netherlands in January! I currently live in a small city called Haarlem, which is about a 15 minute train journey from Amsterdam. I truly love it here. 

I have also been working on a new range of jewellery, check out my shop for more: