Thursday, 25 September 2014

Dix Sterling, featured Etsy shop

Today's post is about an artisan jewelry shop called Dix Sterling

In her own words;

'Since childhood, I have played with various kinds of art, ranging from crayons through pastels and charcoal, to oils, acrylics and watercolors. I've done needlework and fancy sewing. I really wanted to be an artist but, somehow, making a living always got in the way. When we downsized to a floating home, "my space" got smaller and painting got set aside. Then a flyer for a silver jewelry making course caught my eye. "Smaller work space" thought I, so I enrolled — and fell in love. I think the ever-changing river fed my love of surfaces. It runs from mirror-like to dappled to downright wild. My sterling silver pieces are often textured: hammered, brushed or reticulated (I LOVE reticulation).

Having sold some items locally, I tried setting up a web site. It ran for more than a year but I suspect my family and I were the only viewers! When someone at a local supply house mentioned etsy, I decided to look into it. I think it took about 30 minutes to decide to give it a try and not much longer to set up my shop. Etsy made it easy.
It has taken me a couple of years to really get the hang of etsy. I had a LOT to learn about product photography. At least my PR background helped with writing item descriptions! Then came getting involved in etsy teams, blogs (mine is and social media. Meanwhile, I joined the Creative Jewellers Guild of British Columbia and continued taking classes, buying books and -- for sure -- learning from my mistakes! It all takes time but I still find lots of hours to spend at my bench, cutting, hammering, and soldering. The love affair continues.'

Here are some of my favorites: