Wednesday, 24 September 2014

MakeMinePatchwork Etsy Shop of the day

Today's shop is MakeMinePatchwork, a handmade shop which makes quilted items for home, you and baby!

In Karen's own words,

'Make Mine Patchwork was born out of a marriage of my ongoing compulsion to create beautiful things with fabric and thread and the fact that I have already given my family, relatives and friends more handmade blankets, pillows, toys, and holiday decorations than anyone needs. 

What began as a pleasurable pastime for a young girl, has evolved into a lifelong passionate pursuit. I come from a family of women who were always busy with their hands, cooking and cleaning, yes, but almost as often creating beauty from the simple things they found around them. My mother taught me the basics of sewing before I started grade school, but I am self-taught in every other needle art I have developed. I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and new skills. I hope I am never too old to make new discoveries.'

Here are a few of my favorite baby bibs that Karen has lovingly made;