Friday, 26 April 2013

Support Genuine Handmade Shops on Etsy!

Just to show an example, here is the dreaded bubble necklace, which is handmade by lots of different people from around the globe. It's amazing how each person have thought of the exact same design and colours! Wow! What a coincidence!

Of course this is not handmade, by a small business from home. This is of course mass produced and assembled using cheap labour.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times me and other people have reported these kind of shops to Etsy, Etsy seem reluctant to get rid of them. This is because these shops sell incredible cheap and by the thousands. They make Etsy a lot of money.

This is unfair, unjust and against Etsy's rules and ethos. These shops damage genuine handmade shops, just like mine. I cannot compete with the low prices, and I am not the only one. There are plenty of disgruntled handmade shop owners on Etsy who feel cheated by these shops. But nothing seems to be done about it.

Please support genuine handmade shops! Please help to keep Etsy full of artists and crafters who make high quality unique items that you treasure!

Enough is enough!


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  1. I hope that when the "bubble" trend crashes (and it will!) that these shops are stuck with huge inventory to mark down to nothing.