Monday, 22 April 2013

Galaxy Earrings

Hello all,

I'm currently working on these beauties. Galaxy earrings! I am using real photos of our stunning universe and turning them into jewellery. I am hoping to be finished sometime this week, unfortunately two of them went wrong on the last stage of making them. (How annoying!) So I have to start again.

I was asked how I make these, I can't tell you! Otherwise you won't buy from me and you'll make your own! Either way I don't hide the fact that I am using the decoupage technique.

These earrings, once they are finished, are approx 2x2 inches wood circles, so they are really light weight. They will be varnished in a gloss to make them weather proof too. I will attach sterling silver ear hooks too. They will cost £16. If these go well, I may even make galaxy stud earrings too!


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