Monday, 15 April 2013

My unique bangles

People have asked me how I create my one of a kind bangles. They all know I search through endless amount of magazines with a pair of scissors...

Then I gather them into colour blocks. I go through all my clippings and organise them into textures and patterns that I think are interesting and appealing. Then I decoupage them onto my wooden bangles.

Sorry about the background, I was doing this on my bed as my work area was taken up with my other jewellery drying!

I'm planning on making two bangles this week, using two of my colour packs. Watch this space people!

What makes these bangles unique? Well, I can never replicate the exact same bangle. I cannot find the exact same colours, textures or objects either. So this makes my decoupage magazine bangles unique. You could have your own unique mini wearable pieces of art! How exciting!

Katie Joy

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