Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What a lovely Wedding!

Me and the family went to a friend of the family wedding on the weekend. Was lovely! We drove from London all the way to Blackpool, to a stunning
little village called Wrea Green. Was gorgeous! And they had sheep
everywhere! Luckily the weather held out and it was sunny, albeit a little chilly in the breeze. The wedding itself was beautiful. Traditional but not

The wedding couple; David and Katie, both looked so happy. Katie is beautiful and she looked even more so when she walked up the aisle. How she can be even more beautiful is beyond me. (I think she should write a book.) She giggled and smiled all the way through the ceremony. David was very handsome and clearly very proud of Katie. The family literally danced down the aisle after the marriage and we all blew bubbles on them instead
throwing confetti.


The wedding guests travelled on an old route master bus! Was great! And at times, a little scary. How that bus managed to get through the meandering lanes was impressive! The
wedding reception was in an old country manor house, which I think, had an extension put on. It was big and very grand! We had canapes and champagne whilst the newly weds took more pictures. I laddered my tights. Humph! I wasn't the only one; quite a lot of ladies who wore tights were now bare legged.
After the speeches we had a sit down meal. The main course was a fillet of
beef, which was great, as beef is my favourite meat. Each table had a
'carver' who was, unknown to them, made to carve the meat, wearing a
personalised apron and chef hat. Each 'carver' was nominated by their families - the person who normally doesn't do it at home. And the personalisation was a quote they say or an excuse. My dad was our nominated 'carver' and his quote was; 'They could use 20 people like me.' He cut the meat thickly - which for me - wasn't too bad! Well done dad!

Moved onto coffees and my 'Big' Little bro played the piano, much to his embarrassment - for a few 'wined' up ladies who kept demanding requests. Then we moved onto the dancing - in the pavillion. Lovely decoration with fairy lights on the walls and ceilings. The father of the groom made a picture wall, where you put your face through the picture frames, with all kinds of dressing up equipment you can think of. Such a good idea - adults and kids a like enjoyed it.
If you like to know more info about the venue and reception you can find follow the link here;


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