Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Branching Out

I have started making silk ribbon roses. They are so fun and quite addictive to make. I started doing the 'rolling' technique and then added my own movements, so each rose is unique! I have made so many I just didn't know what to do with them! I added extra bits and pieces to them, like pearls, beads, crystals etc.. The end results is so cute! I showed my family and they say it looks like it is singing - so here is my first sweet singing rose! Actually, it does look like it is singing.


Another thing I do for fun is look through button tins! (saddo!) I find doing this relaxing and I always find new and interesting buttons. I started collecting the buttons with different textures, shapes, sizes and colours and then I thought why not try turning them into hair pins! How cute is that!? Having buttons in your hair!

Thats when I realised, I could add these roses to hair pins too! And so I have! I bought a load of silver plated hair pins. (Only high quality findings I use here!) I cannot tell you how fun it is making hair pins!

So now I design and make hair accessories too. Yay! Below is my sweet singing rose, now available in my shop. One of a kind, as I don't have that colour ribbon anymore!Picture
Below is a set of vintage button hair pins. They are so gorgeous and unique! I found these buttons in the old button tin and I love the button with the gold pattern. This set is quite victoriana or steam punk. Love it! Also available now in my shop. :)


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