Thursday, 31 May 2012

Finding my niche.

I have been trying to find an identity; what makes me stand out from the crowd of jewellery makers and accessory designers out there? I started off with murano glass. Although I had a lot of positive feedback, they weren't selling. I really enjoyed working with fresh water pearls and glass pearls, and I love sparkly things. So I thought combining them together would be my niche. But again a lot of other designers do the same. I added ribbon and buttons to the scheme. Same problem. What is my niche? I thought about this long and hard. I started thinking about my college days and the materials I used then - could I create amazing jewellery and accessories with the skills and knowledge I learnt then? Of course! Then it hit me. Resin! I used all kinds of resin when I was studying. I had so much fun using it. Why can't I use it now? I became quite excited (and still am) about the thought of resin. (How silly!) I did some research and found no one else is using resin the way I want to use resin. I bought myself a large bangle mold and resin. Starting off with bangles then get earrings, rings, necklaces etc. Now I am waiting for Mr.Postman for my 'studio' to arrive! Could I have finally found my niche?

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