Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Upcycled Bangles

As mentioned in a previous post I saw an upcycled bangle. I thought this was great inspiration to make my own versions. Here below is a  before and after shot. This was a little tricky to make. Like the original, I used a string of craft pearls, but unlike the orginal I used red ribbon instead of string. (Sorry for the poor quality of photo, was taken on an iPad!) I am planning on making more and selling them as sets. They are fun to make!

I also inspired my self with the ribbon wrapping. I had three horrible plastic bangles and I wrapped silk ribbon around them in various shades. I really love the outcome. Bright, vibrant and different! I will sell them as a set at some point tomorrow. I have vintage lace, crystals, pearls and union jack ribbon to make more upcycled bangles. Very excited!

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