Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My very first pair of Cufflinks

I have just made my very first pair of cuff links! I never been so nervous attaching real abalone shell to anything before in my life. It costs me a bit to make these and I love them!

They are silver plated and have a sort of celtic design around the edge, which I put onto a sturdy bar. In the middle I put the shell. Isn't the blue lovely!? I think I will buy some more. And I also have different gemstones, including green amber, rose quartz and mother of pearl. The style of the cuff link means they are quite smart; wouldn't they look great on the groom and grooms-men!?

Also, I have been experiementing with layering vintage buttons! I found some cute heart shaped buttons and I layered them on larger coloured buttons. Then I turned them into hair grips! How cute are these!?Picture

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