Friday, 18 April 2014

Showcase: Uniquely You Jewellery on Etsy

Hey all, today is showcase day and I am going to be talking about my very own Etsy shop, Uniquely You Jewellery

I thought I would talk about some of my processes and show you some of my most popular designs.

I love making my own jewellery, I specialise in wood, decoupage and glass. I create my very own glass cabochons using mixed media. Below is one of my methods.

 I take solid glass domes and I place them in blutak, this stops them from moving around! I then dust them with fine homemade glitter. Then I paint them with my own pigment formula, it has added pearl extract. The result is this gorgeous little gem.

Eventually they are turned into stud earrings. These are a very popular pair of earrings. I think this is because of the colour they give. They literally are stunning in the sunlight.
 Here are the end results. You can have your very own here: I want you!

Here is a new range I am working on. I have these gorgeous solid wood triangle beads and I love them! I drill the holes and hand paint each one again with my own pigment formula. All of my chains are sterling silver. 
You can get this necklace and more here: Buy me!

Now this is very popular on Etsy. It has even made it to the front page a couple of times. I have sold this bangle around the world. It is also a joy to make this bangle. As always, each one is unique, the colour is my own and each wood bangle will have it's own flaws and natural beauty. 
You can have your very own here: BUY ME

This is a new range sterling silver necklace, with large wood beads. I hand paint each one using my own pigments and highlight them with a gold stripe. I LOVE this necklace. I told myself, if this doesn't sell by a certain deadline, I am keeping this for myself. This necklace is on limited supply as I made it using left over pieces of wood from a previous project.  You can buy it below.

Now this is my most popular design so far. I have made and sold so many of these I have lost count. This peacock wooden bangle is more traveled than I am! I use the ancient technqiue of decoupage for this peacock bangle. So it is a little more complicated and time consuming to make. But the end result is always so wonderful. Who doesn't like peacocks? 

You can have your own made here: SHOW ME THE PEACOCK!

So that was a little insight into my handmade jewellery shop! 

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