Monday, 14 April 2014

DIY Monday

Hello my dusty blog. I haven't seen you in a while. I have been challenge to create a new blog post per day for this week. So for today I doing a DIY Monday blog post, featuring all my favourite DIY projects I have found on the internet!

First DIY Project:

Isn't this such a great idea! If you have loads of beer and wine bottles, instead of chucking them away, turn them into decorative vases! You could even use different yarns, paper or even paint!

DIY Project 2:

People who know me knows that I am slightly obsessed with fairy lights. I think this idea is amazing! I wouldn't use it as a chandelier though. I think this would look great laying on a wedding table, with flowers in the middle. All you need is some battery operated fairy lights! Now, got to find a hula hoop....

DIY Project 3:

Now I am hosting a small dinner party soon and think this is an amazing idea for dessert! I would do a smaller version with a mixture of dark and white chocolate. Smaller versions would fit in the fridge better too! How to do a smaller version? Well don't blow the balloon all the way up! 

DIY Project 4:

I love this idea too! My only concerns about this DIY project would be the stability of the shells, they could be a fire hazard. I would gently sand the bottom of the shells so there is a flat area that shells can balance on just for piece of mind. 

So that's it!! I am really thinking about doing that DIY bottle vase thing. I always have empty wine bottles after a weekend! 

Since I haven't used this blog in such a while, I should let you know that I moved country from the UK to the Netherlands in January! I currently live in a small city called Haarlem, which is about a 15 minute train journey from Amsterdam. I truly love it here. 

I have also been working on a new range of jewellery, check out my shop for more:


  1. Great blog post!!! Nice to see you finally got out the dust rag and dusted this old blog!!

  2. i love the hula hoop fairy lights chandaleer!

  3. Me too! It was kinda fun writing it.