Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Today I am going to be showing you a snap shot of my new home Haarlem, in the Netherlands.

Haarlem is a small historical city, in North Holland approximately 15 minutes journey by train from Amsterdam.The first city walls in Haarlem were built in 1270 but the city has been around since the 10th century. Haarlem is known as the Tulip growing capital and is nicknamed 'Flower City.'

The Grote Kerk (The Great Church) In the center of Haarlem. It once was the biggest Church in all of Europe. Inside an impressive organ that dominates one wing has been played by many musicians, including Handel and Mozart. The Grote Kerk is in the main square of Haarlem, were markets are held, gatherings and fun fairs. There are few squares dotted around Haarlem.

Running on the southern - eastern - northern side of Haarlem is the River Spaarne. Many houses, shops and restaurants line the Spaarne. Off the Spaarne are canals that dominate the western side of Haarlem.

This is the Old Town Hall. There is currently a modern Town Hall were normal council activities take place. Here in the Old Town Hall, you can have Civil services, Marriages and gatherings. The Old Town Hall is opposite The Grote Kerk.

Throughout Haarlem are narrow cobbled streets lined with old houses and shops from different eras and of course lots of flowers!

Haarlem has been voted the 'Best Shopping Capital' in The Netherlands numerous times in a row. The main high street is extensive. You can get designer labels to fashionable boutiques. There are plenty of bars and restaurants for all tastes and cheese and wine bars. 

So far I am really enjoying living in Haarlem. It makes a change from a noisy, busy London. Here everything is much more relaxed. It's a lifestyle one can get used too very quickly.


  1. Wow Katie I am so jealous of you, living is such a neat town with so much history!!

    Tulip capital.....Please post some pictures when they start to bloom!!

    Can you go to that church to listen to the organ I am sure it will be amazing to hear someone play it!!

    Thanks for sharing, share some more, I will have to live vicariously through your town!!

  2. beautiful town you live in, certainly very diffrent to london! :)