Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hello all!

It has been a while since my last post and I apologise.

Let me update you in what has been happening in my life and my shop! It's all words & no pictures! Sorry again!

I have been enjoying the heat and British summer (sarcasm is truly lost on the Internet) I had a great day out yesterday with my little brother. I travelled in the rain to meet him outside the O2 Arena for lunch at Wagamamas. It was lovely and I had a Katsu curry. We then went to watch The Great Gatsby.

I enjoyed it! It wasn't what I was expecting. It was well directed, by Baz Lurham?? Never remember his name. He is the same guy who did moulin rouge and Romeo & Juliet.

The Great Gatsby is a tragic love story. Where our main character is obsessively inlove with a women he cannot have and the consequences of that love. My only criticism is that it felt far too long. It is over 2 hours long.

My brother came back home with me to watch me play simcity 5. Lol! I'm having trouble with my main (and first city) I am now for the first time losing money. I desperately need to upgrade my town hall and get the transportation department. To do this I need 294k or so more population. I have run out of room, so built a second city to encourage commuters to go there, so I can make more residential zones. Either way my population has been dropping. I found out why last night. My recycling trucks are not collecting hardly any bins at all. The figures are ridiculous! This means garbage, recycling is piling up, my recycling unit isn't producing enough materials for my great works (solar farm) I have maxed all collection delivery trucks. So I built another recycling plant and have all the max trucks. Now this has helped a tiny weeny bit. I started looking at my traffic flow. The city is moving. I decided to follow a truck. What I watched amazed me. Despite the truck being full. It didn't go back to the recycling plant to unload and go back to collect more. It just drove around and around in circles. Are all my trucks doing this? Once the truck went to drop off the contents, it only dropped off half of it. Why?

How can I make this better? I have two recycling plants, all maxed out with the trucks. I have no traffic problems. But the trucks fail to collect 90% of my rubbish. This is making my population annoyed and angry. This is making my supplies to my great work stop. Is this bad AI? Surely I am not the only one suffering!

I will update again with some progress of my designs today. I am going to be making another alternative peacock bangle!


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