Friday, 3 May 2013

The shame of Etsy.

Hello all,

Unfortunately it has come to this. I have made a treasury showing how Etsy's ethos and agenda is 
being ignored and allowed via these shops. This is just a drop in the ocean. Genuine artists and crafters who use
Etsy as an amazing selling platform have had enough of these so called handmade shops flooding our market.
Please leave the rubbish on EBay, not Etsy! However, Etsy seem to do nothing about it. These shops have all been
reported numerous of times, but they are still here! Why!? Because they make Etsy money. When money talks integrity 
walks, huh? 

Please don't support these mass produced shops, that use cheap labour, mostly children, to make these items.

Please DO support Etsy's genuine handmade shops, which are made with love, care and quality.

Lets bring back the Etsy that's supposed to be a unique, original and personal shopping experience!


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